How to Get Bigger Hips

How to get bigger hips is a big question especially for ladies. You might have seen your favorite celebrity or even a model and marveled at the amount of attention that they get. Not because they are beautiful or lean but because of their hips.

In the current age, having a nice and bold pair of hips is the new description of being curvaceous. If it comes with a nice butt, it is even better. But for now the attention should be on the hips.

how to get bigger hips

The good thing is, instead of sitting there and wishing you had killer hips, you can actually get a pair of your own.

There are those that are born with great hips. But just because you were not lucky to get them at birth, it does not mean you cannot get them when you really need them.

There are quite a number of healthy and safe ways that you can use to get bigger hips. Each of them has its benefits and downsides.

But, the golden highlight is that none of them are life threatening or overly expensive. Some of the safe methods that you can use are exercise, pills like mass gainers and even body shapers like waist bands and padded panties.

The choice is largely up to you and what you would prefer. To help you make the choice, here’s a closer look at each of the processes.

Natural Supplements

For the longest time, mass gainers have been the best way for women that want to get better hips. They are especially great for the lean and toned women.

pills for big hips

If you don’t need to lose weight but just pack some interesting weight around the waist, then this would be a feasible solution. There are quite a number of benefits that come with using pills which is why they are highly preferred.

Pills and natural supplements are not time consuming. All you have to do is pop and swallow and get on your way. They do not require you to dedicate time to dressing up or working out. You can also take them on the road just in case you need to take them while at work while you’re not at home. Interested? Check out our article on aguaje pills.

Using mass gainers also gives you relative speedy results. If you want hips, you want them now and do not want to go under the knife, mass gainers are your answer.

Unlike waist bands and padded hip panties, they give you hips that are actually yours. You know, the kind that you will not have to strip down at the end of the day? The results are realistic and believable so you don’t end up looking disfigured and unsymmetrical.

As much as hip gaining pills are not the cheapest, they are still on the affordable side of the spectrum. Most women would be able to afford them without much struggle. But, the results that they offer are utterly priceless. You finally get your self-esteem and pizzazz back.

Waist bands and padded panties

For women that just want to pack a little hips to look good in that dress to a date, padding up is usually a worthy option. It gives them instant results and when they do not want it, they can retract back to their original shape.

Waist bands and padded panties are perfect for women who are not sure they want to get bigger hips permanently or they just want them for convenience. So they can look good in certain occasion. Like the pills, they also have a vast collection of benefits. Click here to read our review.

They are more affordable than mass gainers and aguaje pills . If you do not have the budget to dedicate to the supplement, this would be a good recourse for you. They require very low maintenance and give you the instant results that you’re looking for.

The best thing about using waist trainers is that with long enough use, they can sculpture your body to have some permanent hips. You do not need to get on any special diet, use any pills or even participate in any special exercises, you just slap the band on and you’re good to go.

Because they have become some sort of fashion statement, there are quite a number of designs and finishes that are available.

You can pair them with the different outfits. Overtime, they have been transformed from being an exercise belt to something that you can wear on daily basis be it to work or to social setting.

However, you have to be very patient with the waist trainers. It takes time before you start noticing any noticeable changes but when they arrive, they are there to stay and you can enjoy them all you want. The padded hip panties can keep you in the figure you want before the effects of the waist trainers kicks in.


For the hard working woman that does not fear shedding some sweat for the best results, exercise is the best way to get bigger hips.

However, you have to first pick the right workouts that would work your hips and make them look bigger, such as these booty exercises. The best thing about exercise is that it lets you enjoy other benefits as well.

exercise for big hips

These include having toned thighs and a bigger butt. If you want your new size hips to look better, nothing throws them to the spotlight better than a nice tight tush to go with them and toned thighs.

There are a couple of exercises that you can try out that target the hips. These include the side leg raises, the squat kicks and the king of hip enlargement exercises the side lunges with dumbbells. With exercise, you have to be ready to feel the pain.

It requires you to have loads of time to dedicate to the process and you have to be ready to break some sweat. You don’t really have to sign up to a gym membership. You can just move things around in your living room when you need to work out. You don’t need that much space.

With exercise, the results feel much better because of the work that you have put in. unlike the pills or the waist bands, it takes more time and effort.

It is not really costly but for the best results, you have to make sure that you eat healthy and appropriately. This gives the body the materials it needs to build muscle around the hips. Hence the mind blowing results.

Getting or learning how to get bigger hips is a long life dream to most women. With one of these three methods, you can be able to achieve that dream.

Before you make the choice, consider the amount of free time you have or can dedicate to the cause, how much you’re willing to spend and above all, how fast you want the result. Or, you can just use all the three procedures in tandem.